'Where the hell is the vice president?': Women for Trump founder demands Mike Pence intervene to stop anonymous editorials
Women for Trump co-founder Amy Kremer. Image via screengrab.

The co-founder of the Women for Trump PAC went off the rails during a Wednesday night CNN interview after an anonymous Trump administration official penned a New York Times op-ed rebuking the president.

"This is coming from somebody that is so concerned about America but they can't stop the president from tweeting but they have all the answers?" Women for Trump activist Amy Kremer said during the panel discussion. "Give me a break."

While arguing with former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer, Kremer pivoted and appeared to suggest that Vice President Mike Pence should have been there to prevent the

"Where the hell is the vice president?" she wondered. "We elected him and the vice president as a team. Where is he?"

"We are all his soldiers out here defending this president, supporting him because he has done what we've wanted him to do on the economy and making America safer, and the vice president is MIA," Kremer said. "Where the hell is he?"

"He may be busy writing a New York Times op-ed," Pfeiffer joked. "Who knows."

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