Here's why Trump's attacks on Bob Woodward are a total 'PR 101' failure
President Donald Trump. (AFP / Mandel Ngan)

Bloomberg's White House correspondent Shannon Pettypiece delivered a brutal assessment of Trump's response to the growing number of leaks, books, and opinion pieces describing an administration in chaos, an incompetent president, and an alarmed staff working to thwart his worst instincts at every turn.

"That's PR 101, if it's corporate or celebrity PR. Don't give fuel to the fire. Don't talk about the alleged accusations against you. Don't talk about the person," Pettypiece said. "What does this do? It raises the profile of the book and sells more books. In all of these instances, the president's tweets raise more attention to the books whether it's Omarosa or Woodward."

Pettypiece worried that Trump is living in a bubble of his own creation. The president, she said "is so confident in his instincts when it comes to his political instincts, business instincts, he is not listening to anybody around him, whether it's national security, public relations, or communications. He, as he always has been and now increasingly so, feels he is going to follow his gut on every issue."

Journalist and author of "The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency" Chris Whipple agreed, panning the president's responses. "The problem is, discipline and process are anathema for Donald Trump. Until he can get some of that, this is going to continue to be a mess," he said, mocking the administration. "It's going to be continuing chaos. You don't get anywhere by running around, threatening bogus national security investigations or threatening to strap everyone up to a lie detector test."

Watch the video below.