Kavanaugh joined notorious campus frat that was later banned for 'no means yes' chant: Yale newspaper
US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces a grilling on the second day of his confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee (AFP Photo/SAUL LOEB)

While attending Yale University, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh joined both a fraternity that was later banned for chanting "no means yes" in front of the campus women's center and a secret society with an crude nickname that appeared to be based upon members hooking up with women as much as possible.

According to the Yale Daily News, Kavanaugh chose to pledge with the Yale University's DKE in the late 80's, which had a reputation as a party frat. One student compared it to the fraternity in the "Animal House" movie.

Students from that era recall the DKE leadership sending pledges, known as "buttholes," out onto the campus in search of female undergarments that they then added to a flagpole to embellish the DKE banner.

According to Steve Gallo, a member of DKE’s 1985 pledge class, the flag “was just somebody’s stupid idea” and that the underwear was “obtained consensually."

Writing on the YaleWomen Facebook page, Jennifer Lew, class of ’87 disagreed. She said the DKE fratboys would ransack women’s rooms while another alumnus, Julie Klein ’87, called the frat an “animal house.”

According to the Yale paper, "Since Kavanaugh’s graduation in 1987, DKE’s reputation for mistreating women at Yale has only grown. Yale banned DKE from campus for five years in 2011 after videos circulated of fraternity recruits chanting 'no means yes, yes means anal' in front of the University’s Women’s Center."

The report notes that Yale University recently launched an investigation into "the fraternity’s sexual climate after reports in the Yale Daily News and Business Insider documented sexual assault allegations against more than half a dozen members, including the fraternity’s former president."

Along with belonging to the frat, Kavanaugh reportedly was a member of a secret society officially called "Truth and Courage," primarily made up of athletes. It has since ceased to exist.

According to students remembering the group from its heyday in the 80s, it was winkingly referred to less as "Truth and Courage" and more as "Tits and Clit."

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