Kavanaugh's former Yale classmate says he perjured himself with obvious lies about boozing

Liz Swisher, the Yale roommate of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Debbie Ramirez, told CNN's Chris Cuomo that the Supreme Court nominee lied to the Senate about his college drinking.

"I've known Brett since the very beginning of freshman year," Swisher said, "and he was always one of the beer-drinking boys."

The Kavanaugh acquaintance went on to say that although she never saw the nominee be "sexually aggressive," she recalls him being a "sloppy drunk."

Later in the interview, Cuomo asked Swisher if she found it "disqualifying" that Kavanaugh appeared to be lying about his drinking habits.

"Absolutely," she responded. "That's perjury. He was under oath."

Watch below, via CNN: