Man wearing 'Proud Boys' shirt flicks a lit cigarette at a bystander -- and gets humiliatingly beaten
A man wearing a 'Proud Boy' shirt takes a beating after flicking a lit cigarette at another man (Screen cap).

A new video posted on Twitter shows a man wearing a "Proud Boys" shirt flicking a lit cigarette at another man -- who then proceeds to physically beat him.

At the start of the video, the man can be seen walking with his girlfriend by a group of other men who criticize him for wearing a Fred Perry polo shirt that is worn by members of the far-right Proud Boys organization.

"Do you realize what his shirt is?" a bearded man yells at the woman as they pass.

The man in the Proud Boys polo shirt then proceeds to throw his lit cigarette at the bearded man, who gets struck directly in the head.

The bearded man then proceeds to fight against the man who flicked the cigarette -- and he successfully pulls him to the ground and tears off the offending polo shirt as a crowd of people cheer him on.

Even after having his shirt ripped off, the man comes back and tries once again to punch the bearded man -- by onlookers stop him and drag him down the stairs instead.

Watch the video below.