Maxine Waters lists all the tools she will use as a committee chair to go after Trump if Democrats take the House
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) -- MSNBC screenshot

Should the Democrats take control on the House in November, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) would likely ascend to chair the House Financial Services Committee, giving her subpoena power to delve into all of President Donald Trump's financial dealings -- including his tax returns.

Appearing on MSNBC's Am Joy, the combative lawmaker who has repeatedly called for Trump's impeachment, detailed for host Joy Reid all of the investigative tools that would then become available to her.

Congresswoman, you are the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee," host Reid began. "Democrats don't talk about this a lot, but there are a lot of very popular Democrats like yourself and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who would take back the chair of those committees if Democrats take the House. If you get the gavel of the committee and become the chairwoman, will you subpoena Donald Trump's tax records?"

"If I get to become the chair of the Financial Services Committee, and I'm very hopeful that I will be chair, I will exercise the chairmanship in a very responsible way," Waters began. "I will make sure that we are carrying out our responsibility in ways that may touch Donald Trump, ways that will unveil what's going on in the Treasury Department."

"As a ranking member, I would have the responsibility for helping to guide the Democratic Caucus on these financial services issue," she continued. "And as chairman, I will have the responsibility not only for the Treasury but the FDIC, the OCC [Office of Comptroller of the Currency], the SEC [Securities and Exchange Commision], all of these regulatory agencies."

"If there is information that is going to be unveiled about what has been going on in the White House or Donald Trump or the Treasury, it will come out," she promised. "I will be very responsible in doing that. I am not looking to make up stories or to create ways by which to trap anybody. I will just do my work as a member of Congress and as a chairman if I am able to become the chairperson of that committee in a responsible way and then let things fall where they may."

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