Mormon missionaries admitted to sexually abusing children — but the church didn't refer them to police: leaked documents
A Mormon missionary walks down Brooklyn, New York's Eastern Parkway during the annual East Indian Day Parade in 2016. Image via Shutterstock.

Newly-leaked documents show that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints internally investigated sex abuse allegations against missionaries and a stake president but did not refer them to law enforcement.

Salt Lake City's KUTV reported that the MormonLeaks whistleblower site published a document from 2012 that detailed investigations into missionaries and one stake president.

The document, titled "Special Investigations and Projects," appears to have been prepared by the Kirton McKonkie law firm. According to MormonLeaks founder Ryan McKnight, the document was given to him by a source who is "beyond reproach."

In one case where a missionary confessed to kissing and fondling a 15-year-old, the document noted that LDS church was "reluctant" to report the individual.

"The missionary department is reluctant to send this elder home where he may face prosecution for a felony," the document read.

In another case involving a missionary accused of sexually abusing a child in a foreign country, the missionary was sent back home — but the church "determined no action would be taken."

KUTV reported that its reporters reached out to Kirton McKonkie and the LDS church but neither responded.