MSNBC’s Joe and Mika ruthlessly mock Florida Republican DeSantis for not even having a campaign platform

MSNBC's Morning Joe team piled scorn and derision on Trump-loving Florida Republican Ron DeSantis, for needing "more time" to reveal his campaign platform. DeSantis has already been the subject of criticism for making what many believed to be racist remarks about his Democratic opponent, African American Andrew Gillum.

"Ron DeSantis is having issues. He is not ready to discuss the issues," Mika Brzezinski said, screwing up her face in mock confusion. "Then why are you running?"

"'I only ran against a guy who is one of the post-qualified public figures in all of Florida'," added co-host Joe Scarborough sarcastically, as Mika noted that while DeSantis has met several times with Fox News to discuss topics like the Russia probe, he's told local news outlets like the Tampa Bay Times he needs "time to flesh out his platform.

"This guy is running to be governor of a state that's got a GDP greater than most countries, has hurricanes coming in it seems every few weeks in the fall. It is a hard state to run," said Scarborough in disbelief, comparing DeSantis unfavorably to former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Bush "was steeped in knowledge about the state of Florida," Scarborough said. "Steeped in knowledge about how you save people during a hurricane. He wasn't running around, you know, talking about nursery rhymes or stories he read," referring to DeSantis's widely-ridiculed campaign ad in which the candidate used his children to highlight his own loyalty to President Trump.

Scarborough also openly questioned the intelligence of the state Republican party asking, "have they not been through as many hurricanes as I have been through in Florida to pick a guy who basically ran a joke of a campaign and doesn't know what the hell he's doing right now?"

After panelist Mike Barnicle pointed out that DeSantis hasn't even shared any of information about how he'd manage an emergency like Hurricane Florence, Scarborough started laughing. "You to have somebody who is competent, not a guy who when he is asked by a reporter what his position is on land use in Florida says 'I like purple.' That's not going to get it."

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