MSNBC's Rachel Maddow spells out the litany of Paul Manafort's admitted crimes -- and explains his cooperation with Mueller
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow.

After securing the court transcripts from Paul Manafort's guilty plea, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow outlined all the crimes the former Trump campaign chairman admitted to — and everything he gave up to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller.

There are "18 straight pages" of Mueller's lead prosecutor Andrew Weissmann describing the crimes Manafort is pleading guilty to, Maddow noted. So instead, she offered highlights.

The crimes Weissmann "went on and on and on" about in court on Friday included failure to register as a foreign agent, "conspiracy to obstruct justice," "false and misleading statements" to the Justice Department, conspiracies to commit money laundering and tax and foreign bank fraud and witness tampering — and those are just the ones he admitted to as part of his guilty plea.

"There are other parts of the statement of offense that don't relate to a plea of guilty here," the prosecutor said, per the transcript, adding that others are "set out in writing."

Manafort confirmed to the court that he committed all the listed crimes and later in the proceedings pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy against the United States, Maddow noted.

The judge then turned to the potential prison time, fees and sizable assets the former Trump campaign was forfeiting.

Manafort could receive five years of prison time and $250,000 in fees per conspiracy count, the judge noted, alongside the seizure of his three Manhattan properties (including one at Trump Tower), one property in Brooklyn and one in the Hamptons. He also forfeited cash on hand he had at the Federal Savings Bank.

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