New York Times and Washington Post reporters surprised White House has no response to Woodward bombshells
Donald Trump speaks to the press inside the White House/Screenshot

Pulitzer-winning Watergate reporter Bob Woodward dropped bombshell excerpts from his new book about the Trump administration on Tuesday, revealing that President Donald Trump's aides steal papers off the Resolute desk to prevent him from making mistakes and that many of his senior staff consider him to be an idiot.

The response from Trump has so far been muted—the White House has yet to respond, and two White House reporters are taking that as a sign that this book will be treated very differently than Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury and Omarosa Manigault Newman's tell-all.

Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post and Maggie Haberman of the New York Times say Trump has been interested in the contents of the book for weeks.

Axios' Johnathan Swan contrasted this with Wolff.

Even Fox News' Brit Hume gave the book credence.