‘Why now?’ GOP's Michael Steele says something must have triggered the bombshell NY Times op-ed
Michael Steele via screen grab.

On MSNBC Thursday, political analysts continued to wonder about why an anonymous White House official would pen an op-ed undermining President Donald Trump.

Throughout the day, there was ongoing speculation about who wrote the letter, why, and why now.

On MSNBC, Republican operative Michael Steele wondered about what must be happening behind-the-scenes at the White House to prompt the letter writer to go out on a limb and assure the American people that there are, in fact, "adults in the room."

"In the main here, this letter for me, is a reflection of a general sentiment that exists among senior leadership including cabinet members about what the state of the White House at this time. And you have to ask yourself, what was the triggering event?" he asked. "Why now? What was the triggering event?"

"Houston, we have a problem," he concluded.