People are lashing out at Amazon sellers for price gouging cases of water ahead of Hurricane Florence
(Photo: Shutterstock)

People along the Carolina coast are criticizing Amazon sellers for gouging the prices of water in the midst of Hurrican Florence, reported Business Insider.

Frustrated customers took to Twitter to air their concerns about surcharge pricing. With multiple grocery stores being sold out of essential goods, several shoppers turned to Amazon to finish out their hurricane prep shopping.

However, a seller on Amazon appears to be up-ticking the prices on basic good such as water. One customer shared on Twitter that one case of water was being sold for $20.

"The fact that people are actually trying to charge $20 for bread and water on Amazon because of the hurricane is absolutely disgusting. What is wrong with the world?" one Twitter user wrote.

An Amazon spokesperson said that there are not in control of setting prices, but looked into the situation. "We do not engage in surge pricing, and product prices do not fluctuate by region or delivery location," an Amazon spokesperson told Business Insider.

One reason for the increased price of water could be because of the price it cost to ship bottles of water.

"We have selling policies that all sellers agree to before selling on Amazon, and we're actively monitoring our store and removing offers of products that violate our policies and harm our customer experience," an Amazon spokesperson said.