Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell’s former boss explains why she flopped at Kavanaugh's hearing
Sex crime prosecutor Rachel Mitchell at the Senate Judiciary Committee

The former boss of the special investigator hired by Senate Republicans to interrogate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford explained why she failed so spectacularly in Thursday's confirmation for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley spoke with the Phoenix New Times following the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

"She's out of her field here," Romley explained. "I think this was the wrong assignment at the wrong time for her."

Romley, a Republican, blamed the format set by GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

"This format has been horrible," Romley said. "It's a horrible format for an experienced attorney to be broken up every five minutes, before you can even get to your point."

"It appeared to me that her initial approach was going to be challenging the credibility of Mrs. Ford, but it didn’t sound like she had much information to do that," he continued. "She was hoping that an answer would give her an opening for a 'gotcha' moment."

Republicans have set a Judiciary Committee vote to advance the nomination for Friday morning.