Seth Meyers jokes that working in Trump's White House is like a 'kick in the nuts' -- it's why Giuliani looks like this
Rudy Giuliani, Seth Meyers [Photo: screengrab from video]

Late Night host Seth Meyers joked that the claims in veteran journalist Bob Woodward forthcoming book must be true because working for President Donald Trump can easily be a "kick in the nuts."

One of the claims in the book details that one of Trump's lawyer did not want him to sit down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller because Trump would be "a bad witness."

In addition, it claims that while Trump was talking to a foreign aide he said the investigation was "a kick in the nuts."

During Meyers Tuesday night show he that of course working in Trump's White House is like a "kick in the nuts."

"In fairness, every day working in your White House is a kick in the nuts," Meyers said." Why do you think Rudy Giuliani looks like this?"

He added, "That's the face of a guy who lost a bet and has to stand in front of a tennis ball machine without a racket."

Watch below.