The super wealthy are about to shell out $70,000 for a photo with President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump (European Council President/Flickr)

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump is scheduled to host a fundraising dinner.

According to flyers obtained by reporters, attendees can shell out for any number of options with the President. A round-table is $100,000 per person. Dinner is $35,000 per couple, and for $70,000, supporters can take a photo with the president.

"Space is limited. RSVP's will be accommodated on a first come, first serve, basis."

Analysts pointed out to a structural problem behind the shocking numbers.

"The state of our campaign finance system is such that a president can legally appear at a $100,000 per person event being held at a hotel he owns," said New York Times chief Metro political correspondent Shane Goldmacher.

"Tax cuts are working?" Rolling Stone's Matt Laslo wryly observed.

[caption id="attachment_1350338" align="alignnone" width="220"] The flyer.[/caption]