Symone Sanders: 'Remember when people said women were too emotional to be president -- look at Trump'
Symone Sanders [Photo: screengrab from video]

On Monday, political commentator Symone Sanders asserted President Donald Trump's administration is distracted with the latest rumors oozing out of The New York Times anonymous op-ed and veteran journalist Bob Woodward's forthcoming book.

"As a communications professional, I have no tolerance for anonymous op-eds attacking a president, but I do believe that this person should have put their name on it," Sanders said during CNN's Jim Sciutto Monday's show.

She added, "I don't understand why they continue to talk about this and the Woodward's book. I do not get it. [I don't know why the] White House and their allies want to continue to tout this line. This does not serve them well for their agenda."

Sciutto suggested that Trump could focus on other topics besides answering to his critics.

"Why is he focusing on the book and the op-ed and [instead] just repeat economic figures?" Sciutto asked.

"I think the reason why is because, at a personal level, I think he can't help himself. I think he feels personally attacked by this. He thinks, 'hey, I won the presidency, and people still don't treat me like the president.'" Kristen Anderson a Republican pollster said.

Sanders added that Trump was just emotional.

"Remember when everyone said women were too emotional to be president? And now look at Donald Trump. I'm just saying," Sanders said.

Watch the video below via CNN.