Texas notary who handled Stormy Daniels' hush-money agreement suspended for 'botching' it: report
Adult film star Stormy Daniels -- screenshot

The Texas notary who handled Stormy Daniels' $130,000 "hush-money" agreement has been suspended after authorities accused her of not properly witnessing the Trump mistress' signature.

According to documents obtained and reviewed by the Dallas Morning News, the August order faulted the Dallas notary Erica Jackson for providing a seal on the payment but not filing the required identification paperwork.

"As a notary, it has been a consistent practice of mine to adequately document the identification of the person whose signature I have notarized, as required by law," Jackson said in an affidavit submitted to the state. Records show, however, that she improperly handled other documents she notarized as well.

The report noted that the Texas Secretary of State declared that the notary's mishandling "has no bearing on the legal validity of the hush-money deal."