Trump claims ‘lawyer-client privilege’ and says ex-attorney Jay Goldberg can’t publish tell-all book
Donald Trump on Instagram (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump questioned whether a forthcoming book by a longtime confident can be published during a Friday interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Jay Goldberg worked as an attorney for Trump from 1990-2005 and has a penned a memoir titled The Courtroom Is My Theater that is scheduled to be released in December.

Trump suggested the memoir is sour grapes after he did not offer Goldberg a White House job.

“I’ve had nothing but victories, so it’s sad that somebody you can’t take to Washington for obvious reasons wants to write a book," Trump said of his former attorney, who was once appointed acting United States Attorney for the Northwestern District of Indiana by then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

“There’s lawyer-client privilege here. You can’t do that,” the commander-in-chief claimed.

A spokesperson for Goldberg said “the book will definitely not reveal anything that will violate attorney-client privilege.”