Trump fans accuse grieving Meghan McCain of being 'trashy' for 'America was always great' eulogy comment
Donald Trump, Meghan McCain -- screenshots

Fans of President Donald Trump refused to show any sympathy for Meghan McCain who gave a tearful eulogy for her late father, Sen. John McCain, on Saturday, attacking her as "trashy" for calling out the president -- without mentioning his name.

During her stunning and at times fiery words of praise for her father -- who recently succumbed to brain cancer -- McCain took several not-too-veiled digs at Trump, including an applause-inducing, "The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

Unwilling to cut her any slack, the senator's daughter was attacked online, with some commentators doubling down and smearing her late father as well. Responding to a Fox Business News contributor who praised McCain for her courage, one Trump booster tweeted: "She came across as very bitter, angry, and classless. I was embarrassed for her. Sad!"

Another felt the need to remind her, "Dear Meghan McCain, President Trump did not kill your father. Classless."

See below for a collection of the ugliness.