'Trump is our Frankenstein': Michael Moore explains how the president is a dark mirror to American society
Michael Moore (MSNBC)

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore says that President Donald Trump is a dark reflection of the worst aspects of American society -- and the only way to get rid of him is to fix what ails the country as a whole.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Moore discusses his new film, titled "Fahrenheit 11/9," and how it tries to explain Trump's shock electoral victory in 2016.

"Trump is our Frankenstein and we are Dr. Frankenstein," he explains. "We have helped to create a situation that has allowed us to end up with Trump. The dumbing down of our society through the media, the lack of education through poor schools, allows for a dumbed-down electorate, and for him to be able to actually get 63 million votes."

Moore goes on to say that his movie won't simply be an anti-Trump tirade, but will instead try to shine a light on problems in American society that made Trump's political rise possible.

"If people think this is Michael Moore's Trump film and that they're going to get two hours of Trump, Trump, Trump, I'm sorry but I'm not going to give you a simplistic film like that," he says. "Yes, I will show you some stuff about Trump that you haven't seen, but if you're coming to see the pee tape, you're going to the wrong movie."

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