Uber fires 'beyond offensive' driver who refused to pick up a black customer
Black Woman Shutterstock.

Las Vegas resident Taniesha Travis called an Uber to give her a ride home from the grocery store -- but, as 8 News Now reports, she didn't even make it into the car before facing racial discrimination

She said after she requested the Uber, the driver texted her saying, "Great. another. N*igga from Smith's buying groceries for 6 kids. F*uck off N*gga."

After sending the text the driver canceled the ride.

She claimed the driver racially profiled her. "I don't even have a picture on the app. So, he's basically just profiling by the name," Travis said.

Andrew Hasbun, a senior communications associate at Uber, confirmed the claim and issued a statement.

"This is beyond offensive and has no place in society. The driver has been removed from the app," Hasbun said.