Washington Post media critic bashes Brett Kavanaugh as 'desperate' for interviewing with Fox News
Brett Kavanaugh offers testimony at his confirmation hearing. (Screenshot)

Media Critic Erik Wemple, wrote in The Washington Post that "statements apparently aren’t doing it for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh," since the judge decided to appear on Fox News.

On Monday, Kavanaugh interviewed with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum in a move that Wemple slammed as "desperate."

"[It's a ] historic 'get' for Fox News. Not only is Kavanaugh the No. 1 individual in the news right now, but Supreme Court nominees simply don’t do network interviews as they’re bouncing through the confirmation process," Wemple wrote. "Perhaps it’s a sign of desperation [for] Kavanaugh & Co."

He then suggested that it could be a sign that former Fox News executive turned White House deputy chief of staff for communication, Bill Shine, might be mixing up his workplaces.

"Then again, perhaps it’s a sign of Bill Shine linking his former workplace with his current workplace," he wrote.

He suggested that Fox News has a chance to do the "hard questioning," but won't be surprised if they blow it.

"A huge national audience will be watching MacCallum interview the Kavanaughs, conferring on her a chance for the news operation at Fox News to draw a bright line between the Sean Hannitys, the Tucker Carlsons and the Fox & Friends of the world. Don’t be surprised if she seizes it," he wrote.

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