WATCH: Bob Woodward hits back against Eric Trump's anti-Semitic 'shekels' attack
Bob Woodward (MSNBC)

CNN's Anderson Cooper said he was shocked reading veteran journalist Bob Woodward's book “Fear: Trump in the White House."

During an interview with Woodward on Wednesday Cooper said it was jaw-dropping that the book describes President Donald Trump as having a nervous breakdown.

"There's so much in the book to talk about. One of the things that stopped me in my tracks was when I read that you called what's happening in the White House a nervous breakdown of the executive power of the most powerful country in the world," Cooper said.

Cooper added, "That's terrifying as a citizen —that is a terrifying thing to read about a nervous breakdown in the executive branch."

"I think that's exactly what it is," Woodward responded. "And it's supported by President Trump's impulsive behavior on a range of issues, from North Korea, Afghanistan, to the Middle East."

Woodward then responded to Eric Trump's shekel comment.

“I just hope no one would talk like that, frankly,” Woodward said. “I think that just doesn’t fit. I’m sorry. Anyone talks like that, whether it’s a dog whistle or whatever the intent is, it’s not — part of the point of this book is that we need to have a serious debate about serious issues. And to use invective and this attack rhetoric, whatever it might be, it sets us back.”

Watch the video below via CNN.