WATCH: Mormon rape victim calls out her alleged assailant in his own church
McKenna Denson at lectern -- screenshot

According to a report from the Friendly Atheist, a Mormon woman who recently filed a lawsuit against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, publicly called out her alleged rapist in front of his own congregation.

The report notes that McKenna Denson attempt to sue the church has been met by roadblocks by the church -- which claims that the reported 1984 assault falls outside the statute of limitations -- as well as a judge employed by Brigham Young University who has dismissed some of her claims.

With her case being whittled away, Denson confronted the man she claims assaulted her in his own temple at what the Friendly Atheists' Hemant Mehta described as "a Fast and Testimony meeting, where members break a fast and share their stories about accepting Heavenly Father into their lives."

In the video, Denson describes her attack in the church basement by church member Joseph L. Bishop only to be hustled from the lectern by another member of the church.

You can watch below: