Watch: Racist white Chicago Cubs fans attack Hispanic man in bleacher brawl -- security takes Hispanic man away
White fans of the Chicago Cubs gang up in a brawl with two Hispanic men, who were then led away by security as white men hurled racial slurs at them/Screenshot

Fans of the Chicago Cubs have a long history of racist antics, from t-shirts deriding Hispanic opponents as their lawnboys to attacking their own black players.

The team's fanbase is defined from its cross-town rival by redlining and it's been argued that the "curse" that left the team losing for so many decades was actually just racism, as the owner refused to field black ballplayers, limiting the team's ability to compete.

The team owner has close ties to President Donald Trump, and was rumored to even be joining his cabinet and is now a senior agent of the Republican National Committee.

And yet, an ugly incident after last night's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates is still shocking.

In a video posted to Twitter, several white men attack two men of color and then call one a "f*cking spic."

It's unclear what provoked the conflict, but the Hispanic men were taken away by security as the white man continued to hurl racist slurs.

"Yeah, take the f*cking white people's side! F*ck that!," the Hispanic man said as he was lead away.

"Beaners! Spics!" yelled the white man who was allowed to remain in his seat.

"Don't record me!" he screams once he realizes he is on video.

The white man involved in the fight and what appears to be Wrigley Field security then advance on the person recording his racist rant.