WATCH: Sessions bizarrely claims the ACLU will lead to 'more shootings and death'
Attorney General Jeff Sessions. (Image via screengrab.)

In a speech given to a police convention in Waukegan, Illinois, Attorney General Jeff Sessions claimed the American Civil Liberties Union is a potential cause of violence.

After blaming the end of stop-and-frisk for a rise in Chicago's murder rate after the ACLU issued a report about the practice, Sessions drew a correlation between the civil rights group and others for "shootings and death."

"There’s a clear lesson here:  if you want more shootings and more death, then listen to the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, or Antifa," the attorney general said. "If you want public safety, then listen to the police professionals who have been studying this for 35 years."

Sessions drew his conclusion from federal prosecutor Zachary Fardon, who claimed that if cops "go talk to those kids on the corner, you’re going to have to take 40 minutes to fill out a form, and you’re going to have to give them a receipt with your badge number on it."

In an open letter to the city, Fardon insisted "the city was on fire” because “the rule of law [and] law enforcement had been delegitimized.”

"That is a devastating analysis," Sessions told the audience at the Valor Survive and Thrive Conference.

You can watch the attorney general make the comments below: