White House aides frantic return of Obama is getting 'into Trump's head'
President Barack Obama laughs during a meeting in the Oval Office, Jan. 24, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

According to a report on the reemergence of former President Barack Obama into the public square after giving a scathing speech attacking Donald Trump, White House insiders are worried that Trump will now become obsessed with going after the former president.

Politico reports that insiders claim Trump "has long complained about the fawning coverage and adulation that he believes Obama has received, even after leaving the White House," which has been exacerbated by the president's dismay at the fawning coverage given to the late Sen. John McCain in the past two weeks.

With the adulation lavished on Obama's speech in Illinois on Friday, where he repeatedly took shots at Trump, saying Trump’s Twitter feed is nothing more than an “electronic versions of bread and circuses,” insiders worry Obama's return could throw Trump off his game.

"Trump also sees Obama as a much more formidable political opponent than Hillary Clinton, the one he actually beat, and Trump’s allies have privately worried that the 44th president could get in his successor’s head," Politico reports, adding, "Asked what they had to say about Obama’s attacks on Trump — coming at the end of a head-exploding week in the middle of the darkest period of his presidency so far — multiple Trump White House aides and people close to him said they didn’t want to get into it, letting the president’s words speak for themselves."

Democrats certainly hope so as the midterms loom, with candidates reportedly flooding Obama's advisers with requests for personal appearances on the campaign trail.

You can read the whole report here.