White House reporter on Kavanaugh investigation: 'They are concerned new women will come forward'
Josh Dawsey appears on CNN (screen grab)

Washington Post White House corespondent Josh Dawsey explained on Sunday that the Trump administration is attempting to limit the scope of the investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because "they are concerned more women will come forward."

"Some of the greatest concerns I heard from folks inside the White House last week was that as you prolong this investigation for another week, they are afraid new women will come forward, new accusations, new lawyers, new accounts," Dawsey told CNN.

"If you don't have a vote for 10-15 days, for some people that I've talked to, there's less fear about what this FBI investigation might show and more fear about dragging this out," he said. "Dragging this out, you lose all momentum, you lose control. And then you have news organizations, FBI, everyone digging through all sorts of episodes that maybe have not come to the public heretofore."

Dawsey added: "So, I think the concern among many folks in the White House is that the longer this goes, the worse it gets for Brett Kavanaugh."

Watch the video below from CNN.