White House sources: FBI is being blocked from vetting Kavanaugh sexual assault claims because Trump won't order it
Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump's administration reportedly has not asked the FBI to vet accusations that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a girl while in high school.

Two sources told Bloomberg News on Monday that the White House has not given a green light for the FBI to investigate Christine Blasey Ford's allegations that Kavanaugh groped and assaulted her. The sources said that the FBI can not move forward with an investigation without the permission of the White House.

After being informed of the accusations on July 12, the FBI said that it updated Kavanaugh's file with information.

“The FBI is basically working for the White House," Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Ronald Hosko explained to Bloomberg. "Their job is to dig into the details and let the White House counsel know if there is derogatory information.”

“You can go get yearbooks and start interviewing high school classmates,” he added. “For creative-minded FBI people, they can generate leads all day long.”

Trump, on Monday, was asked if he would withdraw Kavanaugh's nomination.

"What a ridiculous question," the president replied.