Bombing suspect’s van blanketed in pro-Trump bumper stickers

Law enforcement officials arrested a man in Florida, identified as Cesar Sayoc, in connection to the 12 mail bombs sent to lawmakers and public officials Friday.

For a brief moment, cable news broadcast a blurry image of a white van thought to belong to the suspect, before law enforcement covered it with a tarp. A resident of Florida later sent an image of the van to CBS Miami, which clearly showed the vehicle was covered in pro-Trump stickers.

A large decal appears to show Donald Trump's presidential seal. Other pictures of the president abound. Another sticker showcases the GOP elephant symbol. There are a few smaller pictures of Donald Trump as well.

Another image, via MSNBC:

All 12 of the suspect's targets have fiercely criticized President Donald Trump in the past. The Department of Justice is scheduled to hold a press conference at 2:30 pm EST.

The van also shows Democrats and progressive figures like Michael Moore in the cross-hairs.

[caption id="attachment_1379389" align="alignnone" width="460"] Close-up photo of Cesar Sayoc's van[/caption]