CNN election analyst predicts 'best case scenario' for Democrats taking House -- and it's a monster wave
Paul Ryan (CBS News)

Announcing a new CNN online election tracker leading up to November's midterm election -- which is only 25 days away -- polling expert Harry Enten presented several possible scenarios including one that would be devastating to the GOP.

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, Enten used the big graphics board to show the current state of the House -- with Republicans holding the majority with a 235-193 seat advantage -- before making his first prediction.

"Democrats are going to have control" Enten began. "We think they will get 229 seats to the Republican's 206 -- and you need 2018 for a majority. So right now we think that the Democrats have the best chance for a majority," before adding that forecast comes with a margin of error, which he did not specify.

"I have looked back through history and this is simply the best that we can do," he conceded. "I'd rather be honest with the audience and say, 'you know what, we have what we think is the most likely scenario, which is this, but it could be as bad for the Democrats as this or it could be as good as this.'"

According to Enten, there is even a scenario where Democrats could win up to 262 seats - a massive swing of 69 seats as a rebuke to both the GOP and President Donald Trump.

"Remember, polls are not perfect," Enten cautioned. "They are tools and we still have a little bit over three weeks to go where a lot of things could change."

Watch the video below via CNN: