CNN's Ana Navarro ridicules Ron DeSantis' October Surprise with a hilarious tip for Andrew Gillum

Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis may have pulled an October Surprise on his opponent, Democrat Andrew Gillum, but CNN's Ana Navarro ridiculed the stunt Wednesday, saying that DeSantis had problems of his own and that the allegations "paled in comparison" to the kind of corruption Floridians have tolerated for years.

"We elected Rick Scott governor, and he was the CEO of a company that was involved in Medicare fraud that resulted in $1.7 billion in fraud," Navarro said, adding that junior Senator Marco Rubio had also been dogged by scandal. "I think in Florida we have a high tolerance for this kind of stuff. And, you know, the "Hamilton" tickets kind of pale in comparison."

Anchor Alisyn Camerota brought up all the scandals swirling around President Trump as a comparison and asked if it was "only Democrats held to a standard of 'no corruption'."

"Frankly, only Democrats are stupid enough to apologize for it and try to make excuses and justify it and explain it, instead of shrugging our shoulders and saying 'so what'," Navarro laughed, adding that DeSantis "owes his primary win" to Trump.

"In the same way that Ron DeSantis answered with 'Israel' when he answered about Donald Trump and moral fitness, I think Andrew Gillum should answer with 'Trump'," she said. "Either that or break into song."

Watch the video below.