CNN's Chris Cuomo flattens Trump-lover over the president's use of the term 'nationalist'
Ana Navarro, Chris Cuomo, Steve Cortes, [Photo: Screengrab from video]

On Tuesday, CNN's Chris Cuomo hammered President Donald Trump's former campaign aide Steve Cortes over the president's use of the term nationalist.

"He is a nationalist, I am too," Cortes said. "But you don't understand what it carries. When you try to compare American nationalism to Nazis, you're incredibly mistaken. The Nazis perverted nationalism, and it was about racial purity. American nationalism is about shared ideals."

Cuomo then fact-checked him and said that there is no such thing as America nationalism, and gave him the true definition of nationalism.

"Nobody made you the CEO of the English language," Cortes told Cuomo.

"You know better than George Orwell?" Cuomo responded. "Do you know who that is? Why does he see it as pernicious? Why does he see it as investing itself in ugly concepts that you disagree with?"

Watch the video below via CNN.