CNN's Gloria Borger choked up after host Brooke Baldwin read a letter from the family of Rose Mallinger, the eldest victim of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.

"Rose was bubby," Baldwin read. "That's Yiddish for grandma — to everyone in our family and our beloved community."

"She was a pillar of the Jewish community and the Tree of Life Synagogue," the host continued, "which she was part of for over six decades."

Baldwin brought on Borger to discuss the political implications of the shooting, but the correspondent noted how personal it was for her.

"I'm Jewish and, you know, everyone has a bubby," she said, beginning to choke up. "It's hard."

At the end of the segment, Borger added that the human toll of the shooting makes it necessary to "just leave politics aside" initially.

"This is a moment for mourning and it's a moment for community," she said. "I think that everything else kind of has to fade away when you think of someone like bubby, who got murdered at 97 in a temple."

Watch below via CNN: