CNN's Jeffrey Toobin just called Kris Kobach a racist to his face
Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach is running for governor of Kansas.

Controversial Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was called out for his racism and voter suppression during a Wednesday appearance with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Kobach was attempting to defend the administration's attempt to revoke the birthright citizenship protections in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution via presidential proclamation by Donald Trump.

"Your critics say that you're not an expert on the constitution either," Cooper noted. "In fact, you were ordered to go to like six hours of extra classes on the law by this federal judge."

Kobach said it is "often" the case that court rulings, like the one overruling his voter I.D. law, are overturned by appeals courts.

Jeffrey Toobin, the former federal prosecutor and legal analyst for The New Yorker and CNN, was did not agree with Kobach arguments.

"Kris has devoted his career to stopping black people and poor people from voting," Toobin argued. "I mean, that's been your goal for decades."

"That's an outrageous accusation," Kobach argued.

"It's completely true," Toobin replied.

"It is a completely true accusation because, Kris, your whole career -- that's why you had this phony voter suppression commission that was such a preposterous joke, established by the president, that it disbanded because it couldn't prove your claim that voter fraud is a problem in this country," Toobin continued.

As Raw Story reported Tuesday, the White House completely scrubbed their official website of the Executive Order creating Kris Kobach’s commission.

"Your problem is that some people vote for Democrats and you want to stop that by establishing voter requirements," he added.