CNN's Kaitlan Collins on Trump calling himself a 'nationalist': He doesn't get to change the definition of words
Donald Trump speaks to reporters/Screenshot

On Tuesday CNN's Kaitlan Collins slammed President Donald Trump for proudly calling himself a "nationalist" while at a rally in Houston, Texas.

Collins pointed out that the term nationalist has a negative connotation to it despite Trump trying to turn it into a positive word.

During a panel discussion with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Collins explained that leaders like Adolf Hitler would refer to themselves as a nationalist.

"President Trump doesn't get to change the definition of words. If he says, I'm a racist but it's not the kind that hates other races, it doesn't mean that's what racism means now," Collins said.

She added, "When he says, I'm a nationalist, it has a negative connotation, and has for years. There is a reason people and presidents specifically avoid using it. Being a patriot means you love your country for what it does. Being a nationalist means you love your country no matter what it does."

"So just because he says it means something about trade, that is not what that word means, and just because President Trump says it and puts a different spin on it doesn't mean he gets to change the definition."

Watch the video below via CNN.