CNN's Navarro bashes Trump for calling Florida's Gillum a 'thief' after president 'bamboozled' Trump University students
Ana Navarro on CNN/Screenshot

CNN's Ana Navarro had harsh words for Donald Trump on Tuesday morning over his attacks on Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum by calling him a "thief," with the conservative commentator reminding viewers that Trump had to pay out $20 million for scamming Trump University students.

In an extended attack, Navarro -- who lives in Florida -- said Trump needs to butt out of Florida politics.

"I think the more he inserts himself into that race, the more he helps Andrew Gillum," Navarro exclaimed. "I think that his insults are shameful and they are lies."

Noting the accused mail bomber Cesar Sayoc was obsessed with Gillum, Navarro continued, "If you go check the Twitter feed of the guy who was sending the explosives through the mail, this guy was obsessed with Andrew Gillum. I can't tell you how many tweets I saw of this guy attacking Andrew Gillum -- then the president gets in the middle of this race."

"This president has to pay a $20 million settlement for bamboozling people through Trump University," she continued. "He says Andrew Gillum is going to turn Florida into Venezuela. Guys, there is more chance of me walking down the aisle in a size 0 dress than there is of Andrew Gillum turning Florida into Venezuela."

You can watch the video below via CNN: