Conservative pundit equates yelling at Mitch McConnell with beating of transgender children
David Gergen speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Conservative pundit David Gergen was mortified by the recent video showing Senate Leader Mitch McConnell being yelled at while eating at a Cuban restaurant in Kentucky.

McConnell, who called President Barack Obama's trip to Cuba "embarrassing," was eating at the restaurant with his wife when a man approached. He was then shouted down by others in the restaurant.

In a conversation about it on CNN, Gergen equated it to the brutal beating of transgender children in New York at the hands of the Proud Boys, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate group.

"That harassment of the McConnell out to dinner was not only wrong, but it was stupid," Gergen said. "Just as it was wrong to go after Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was heckled in Virginia. Just as it was to come into the Kavanaugh hearings and raise hell in the back of the room so you couldn't hear what was going on. They just play into the Republicans' narrative, help the president."

Gergen said that Trump was "wildly off base" calling Democrats an "unhinged mob" while sexual assault survivors yell at officials in elevators. Trump, however, isn't known for reigning in his hyperbole, regardless of whether it's taken as snowflakism.

"This is also happening, you know, with this brawl in New York City by a group called the Proud Boys," Gergen continued. "They were coming from the far right. They were going after transgender kids and beat them up. They haven't paid a price for it."

At no point has a liberal protester physically harmed anyone, much less rammed a woman with their car, killing her. The right-wing has mocked college students complaining about white supremacists on their campus holding riots that cost the campus significant cash in repairs and clean up.

When comedian John Oliver weight into the faux "civility" debate, he explained that if "yelling at Jeff Flake in an elevator" was a ride at Disney World the line for it would be longer than Space Mountain.

Watch the video of the CNN discussion below: