Donald Trump says he would do 'very well' in a boxing match with black belt Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump (Photos by: Evan El-Amin and Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump told the crowd at his rally in Minnesota that he would do "very well" in a boxing match with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Trump had ben ranting about how he quashed the increasingly intense rhetoric with North Korea after ratcheting things up to the brink of a nuclear war.

He then complimented his performance in a summit with Putin, where he sided with the Russian dictator over American intelligence.

"So they want me to get into a boxing match with [Putin]," Trump said. "I think I’d do very well."

While Trump has experience as a fake wrestler working for World Wrestling Entertainment, Vladimir Putin is a former intelligence officer with extensive combat training and an eighth-degree black belt in judo.

Trump does have a substantial size advantage, standing nearly a foot taller than the 5-foot six-inch Putin.

Trump's White House doctor, the disgraced Ronnie "Candy Man" Jackson" said Trump weighed in at 236 pounds though that finding has been widely questioned.