The Senate office in Washington, D.C. is flooded with protesters urging Republican Senators to vote no on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after he was accused of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

On Thursday, Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said the limits placed on the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh's background were concerning. "I think it shows a consciousness of guilt," he said.

"Congressman, it appears there is confrontation inside the Senate building. They are chanting and some people are being arrested. What are your thoughts on that?" CNN's Ana Cabrera asked Swalwell.

"I hope the protests are peaceful, but the stakes are high. This is a democracy. If the Supreme Court can't save us, the American people will on November 6," Swalwell said.

Swalwell then praised the women protesters for stepping up and taking action.

"On January 21st after the inauguration, we saw women go to the town squares. When the affordable care act was on the line — 80 percent of the phone calls that went to the Congressional Congress were by women, and we saved it," he said.

Swalwell continued, "Women have saved our butts in the first two years of Trump's administration. We can count on them. Thousands of women are running for office — they are the path forward this November."

Watch the video below via CNN.