Ex-CIA analyst details exactly what the Saudis will do with Khashoggi’s murderers so country can get back to buying US weapons
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Image via the Kremlin.

MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance on Saturday explained exactly how the Saudi Arabian government will handle the killing of Jamal Khashoggi inside its Turkish consulate so that the crown prince is unscathed and its financial relationship with the US remains intact.

In a discussion of the Saudi's guilt-free admission that the celebrated Washington Post columnist had indeed died — weeks after he disappeared and the government claimed he exited the consulate alive — former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah noted that their evolving story is straight from Donald Trump's playbook.

"The strategy that's been used here by Saudi Arabia is exactly like the strategy that's been used by Trump with respect to the Russia investigation," Rocah said, noting that the president initially claimed the infamous Trump Tower meeting didn't happen only to later say it was about adoptions and then finally admit the election was discussed but "nothing illegal happened"

She added that the Saudis first claimed Khashoggi left the embassy alive, then that rogue killers murdered him and finally that he died in a "fistfight" with 15 men inside the embassy.

While discussing timelines, Nance added his own predictions for the way the rest of the Khashoggi story will play out.

"One, the youngest of that hit team is going to be singled out and he is going to either be executed or he is going to be disappeared in some way," the analyst said. "His tribe and his family will be owed a favor by the king of Saudi Arabia. The rest of [the men fingered for the murder] will all be banished to Mecca."

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Nance added, "will get out of this scott clear" — and a "letter of intent on weapon sales to the United States" from the Saudis will soon come, which "Donald Trump can walk around the campaign trail."

Watch below via MSNBC: