Ex-CIA officer Phil Mudd fights back tears discussing threats he got from MAGAbomber on Twitter
CNN's Phil Mudd

Ex-CIA Officer Phil Mudd teared-up during a panel discussion hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper on Friday.

Multiple bomb threats have been sent to news organizations and Democrats throughout the week. The suspected bomber has been arrested and identified as 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc.

Tapper revealed that Sayoc once threated Mudd and his family with death threats on Twitter.

"Cesar Sayoc also threatened you and your family on Twitter," Tapper said.

"The last hour has been tough. I had to call my family and tell them this was going to break today. This man threatened me with death on Twitter. I was not aware of that," Mudd said holding back tears.

Mudd added, "It's not whether we hold [Trump] responsible for the acts of a deranged person. [But] stop threatening people because the implications are — people like me have to call their family and say, 'thank god he's in prison because otherwise, he [might] show up at my house.'"

Watch the video below via CNN.