Ex-FBI agent links bombs sent to prominent Dems to an 'uptick' in white supremacist recruiting since Charlottesville
White supremacists protesting (Screen cap via the David Pakman Show on YouTube)

An ex-FBI agent who specializes in domestic extremism explained to MSNBC Wednesday the link between an "uptick" in white supremacist and white nationalists groups recruiting since Charlottesville and the bombs that were mailed to prominent Democrats and CNN earlier in the day.

"We have a politically inspired organization or individual that's targeted prominent officials" from the Obama administration," Erroll Southers, author of "Homegrown Violent Extremism," told host Ari Melber and a panel of intelligence officials.

"We've had an uptick in the last 14 months since Charlottesville of organizations working together and being more overt in what they are doing," the ex-FBI SWAT team member said. "We are seeing lectures on college campuses and recruitment efforts in the way of flyers."

"We have had a number of organizations become very aggressive with recruiting efforts in the United States over the last year," he added. "Having rallies and targeting people they think they can get on board."

Southers went on to note that due to unsophisticated nature of the "package bombs," the group or individuals who sent the bombs appear to be disorganized and "domestic."

"We're two weeks out from the midterms and I have to wonder, is this going to expand?" the extremist expert mused. "Are we going to see other attacks? How coordinated is this effort?"

Watch below via MSNBC: