Fired Trump aide Omarosa drops hint to reporters looking for White House-Saudi financial link
Omarosa Manigault Newman gives an interview/Screenshot

In a tweet that drew little attention, fired White House aide and Donald Trump confidante, Omarosa Manigault Newman, suggested reporters take a deep look into possible Saudi financing into Trump's inauguration which was paid for with outside donations.

After Trump tweeted, "For the record, I have no financial obligations with Saudi Arabia," and called a CBS report "FAKE News," Omarosa felt compelled to respond.

"I wonder if #45 will ever disclose how much they contributed to his inauguration," she tweeted.

Taking up her suggestion, Slate suggested a deep dive into the dealings of Trump associate and financier Tom Barrack who chaired Trump’s inaugural committee.

As Ben Mathis-Lilley at Slate explains, Barrack "has extensive business ties to the Saudis and their close allies in the United Arab Emirates. The New York Times reported that Barrack has raised more than $1 billion for his own company from Saudi/UAE sources since Trump became president, and while the identities of donors to the inauguration that Barrack chaired have in fact been disclosed, special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be investigating whether any of them were covertly engaged in improperly seeking influence on behalf of Saudi/UAE interests."

He goes on to add that large GOP donors also have deep ties to the Saudis, including two linked to Donald Trump Jr.

"The Saudis and Emiratis reportedly committed to making $1 billion in 'consulting' payments to George Nader and Elliott Broidy," Mathis-Lilley continued, " Two ex-cons who reportedly then engaged in lobbying on those countries’ behalves in personal meetings with Trump, his son Don Jr., and former White House adviser Steve Bannon."

You can read about more connections that may be influencing the Trump administration in it's dealing with the apparent murder of Washington Post columnist at the behest of a Saudi prince that the president and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, have been soft-selling here.

You can see her tweet below: