Former Republican candidate tried to obtain lethal dose of radioactive material: FBI
Jeremy Ryan (Facebook)

On Wednesday, Wisconsin's Fox 6 News reported on the bizarre arrest of Jeremy Ryan, a former Republican congressional candidate in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District:

Court documents allege that in March and October 2018, Ryan attempted to purchase a lethal dose of a radioactive substance via the internet to kill an unnamed individual. On Oct. 24, Ryan was arrested and taken into custody without incident.
Following Ryan’s arrest in Black Earth, WI, a search warrant was executed at his residence in Madison by FBI Milwaukee and FBI Chicago's Hazardous Evidence Response Team. There is no danger to the public associated with these enforcement actions.

The Daily Beast first reported, as it confirmed with police, that the man who was arrested was the failed GOP candidate.

Ryan's campaign website depicted him smoking from a bong and pitched his candidacy with the tagline, "Because Radical Change Requires Something Radically Different!" Oddly, although he ran as a Republican, his issues page essentially pitched a liberal platform and his most notable political activism up to that point was protesting Act 10, the GOP-backed state law undermining collective bargaining.

He ended up taking 10.4 percent of the vote in the primary, behind even white supremacist Internet troll Paul Nehlen.