Former top Scott Walker appointee quits $208K job in disgust -- and destroys his ex-boss on the way out
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) on March 1, 2015. (Fox News)

A former top secretary for Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) ripped into the embattled governor on Thursday after stepping down from his high-paying job late Wednesday so he could speak freely about his contempt for the man who appointed him.

According to the Wisconsin State-Journal, Paul Jadin, the first CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., walked away from the $208,000 salary he was paid by Madison Region Economic Partnership on Wednesday because he was about to go public with his complaints about Walker.

In a scathing letter co-signed by former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall and former Financial Institutions Secretary Peter Bildsten, Jadin slammed the governor for making decisions based solely on increasing his national political profile while ignoring the needs of his constituents.

All three men endorsed Walker's opponent, State Superintendent Tony Evers, a Democrat.

According to the letter, published by the State-Journal, the three ex-secretaries claimed they once believed Walker wanted to improve conditions in the state, but no more.

"It became clear that his focus was not on meeting his obligations to the public but to advancing his own political career at a tremendous cost to taxpayers and families," the men wrote.

The blistering letter also accused Walker of  "coverups" and "mischief."

"Governor Walker has consistently eschewed sound management practices in favor of schemes or coverup and has routinely put his future ahead of the state." the letter states. "The result is micromanagement, manipulation and mischief. We have all been witness to more than our share of this."

Recent polling has shown two-term Gov. Walker trailing his Democratic opponent by as much as 10 points.

You can read the whole letter here.