Without mentioning Trump, Fox Business panel says 'toxic politics' must be 'toned down' after mail bombs
Stuart Varney appears on Fox Business (screen grab)

Fox Business host Stuart Varney concluded on Wednesday that "toxic politics" are to blame for potential explosive devices sent to top Democrats.

Varney made the pronouncement while delivering the news that Michelle and Barack Obama had been targeted, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

"This is a major development," Varney explained. "These are explosive devices -- I'll describe them that way -- sent to two former U.S. presidents."

"It's totally unacceptable," Fox Business contributor Elizabeth McDonald said. "It is outrageous, a disgrace and unacceptable.

"It's toxic politics at its worst," Varney agreed. "It bleeds over into absolute violence. And that's absolutely wrong."

Former restaurant CEO Andy Puzder added: "Nobody should condone this."

"Absolutely not!" Varney said. "Everybody should be speaking out, saying, 'Don't do this, don't devolve to this.'"

"The country is so divided, there's so much anger out there, so much resentment," Puzder said. "It has to get toned down if we're going to make any progress."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.