Fox & Friends hosts give guest free rein to dismiss terrorist mail bombs as a left-wing conspiracy
Chad Jenkins (Fox News)

A former FBI counterterrorism expert appeared Friday morning on "Fox & Friends" to peddle conspiracy theories about mail bombs sent to President Donald Trump's critics.

Suspicious packages intended for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN and other Trump foes were discovered this week, and former FBI agent Chad Jenkins said the fact that no one has been injured should be considered suspicious.

"Well, it's just one, zero-for-10 on any of these devices going off?" Jenkins told Fox News. "We still have not gotten concrete information from law enforcement whether any of these devices actually were rigged, completely ready to go."

Jenkins argued that left only two possibilities.

"One, we have the worst right-wing bomb maker in history," he said, "or we have a false flag operation, where it's a left-wing type of operation to create hysteria and to play on the hearts and minds of those independents and undecideds come the midterm."