Fox News legal analyst says FBI made a big mistake by not interviewing Ford: 'Those allegations are going to stick'
Andrew Napolitano appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on Thursday said that he thought the FBI made a big mistake when it didn't bother interviewing either Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh or accuser Christine Blasey Ford as part of its background investigation.

Speaking with "Fox & Friends," Napolitano said he was "disappointed" that the FBI didn't talk with either of the two people who are the central figures in their investigation, and he said it would leave many people with doubts about the thoroughness of the probe.

"People that don't want Judge Kavanaugh confirmed -- whether they don't want him confirmed because of the perception that he's ideologically against them or because they really believe the allegations against him -- now have more ammunition and more doubt to say, 'Why was the FBI held back? Was the FBI used as a political instrument yet again?'"

Napolitano went on to say that some of the restrictions placed on the scope of the investigation by the White House would only fuel suspicion that the entire process has been a sham.

"Why weren't they just allowed to interview whoever they wanted, including the two principles, Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford?" he asked. "Those allegations are going to stick."

Watch the video below.