'It's funny because you're racist': Twitter swamps Jason Chaffetz after he mocks Elizabeth Warren with Indian selfie
Jason Chaffetz takes a selfie with an Indian statue (Twitter/screen grab)

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz was deluged with mockery on Thursday after he posted a photo of a Native American statue to attack Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

In a tweet on Thursday, Chaffetz, a former U.S. House member from Utah, shared what appeared to be a selfie with a wooden statue of a Native American chief.

"At Disneyland today with Senator Elizabeth Warren," the former congressman wrote.

The attempt at comedy quickly failed, making Chaffetz the butt of his own joke.

"This is why comedians have a liberal bias. You're as funny as ted Cruz," one person replied.

"Try being a little more racist next time around. Use the N word, maybe?" another Twitter user wrote sarcastically.

"Says the man who leaked a private letter and then resigned with zero consequences. By all mean, sir, let’s talk about your integrity," one commenter said.

"Haha it's funny because you're super f*cking racist," a tweet pointed out.

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